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Ballet moves test.

Fox Vs. Leaf

Leaf waking up sleeping fox.  Rough 2D animation.

Foxy Lip Sync

Clay lip sync saying a line from Looney Tunes.

Zemme and Bellaquiks

Short about unrequited love.

Cyclops Ball Cat

Cyclops ball cat bounces and gets ill.  Rough 2D animation.

Penguin for your Thoughts?

First puppet animation with a baby penguin who loves shiny objects.


Dog shark head turn rough 2D animation.

Day in the Life of a Sextapuss

Clay animation that is used as an example at the Academy of Art University as "A" work in ANM 180.

Dinosaur and the City

Large paper cut-out animation and pixilation.

Demon Vomit

Puppet cut-out puppet with 37 joints.

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