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Dorthy Thielsen is a graphic designer in NYC.  Currently Thielsen is a graphic designer and at Gulliver's Gate.  Her specialties include graphics, design, animation, illustration, photography, sculpting, painting, and team management.  Thielsen first wanted to be an artist at the age of three. She was fascinated by the magic of making inanimate objects move across screen. Since the day she first watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, Thielsen has wanted to be a part of the magic. Thielsen is dedicated, resourceful, and completes projects in a timely manner. ​

Thielsen has worked on many projects from miniatures to larger than life. Currently at Gulliver's Gate, Thielsen creates original designs, follows a style guide, illustrates, photographs, video edits, motion graphics, and paints. Previously at Randy Carfagno Productions Thielsen was the lead foam fabricator, sculptor, mold maker, and caster.  One of Thielsen's favorite projects was working with Marvel to make a series of yule log videos, for which the team had to create miniature sets of five different superheroes' bedrooms. Thielsen was the lead puppet fabricator and created a stop motion baby Groot. Thielsen was the designer and creator on this project. At The Puppet Kitchen Thielsen worked as one of their primary structure fabricators, specializing in foam patterning, flat patterning, foam fabrication, designing functional objects, and facial features.  Another shop that she occasionally freelance is at Henson where she mainly does mold making, casting, and foam fabrication.  While at Hornet Animation and WerelyBob Pictures, Thielsen designed costumes, patterned, stitched, and hand-embroidered miniature costumes and occasionally made props and sets. She was also lead of puppet fabrication on a short film, Frog Bar. Her role consisted of sculpting, mold making, casting, painting, and managing a team of eight people. Through these projects and independent studies, Thielsen has learned design, graphics, illustration, editing, painting, SCULPTURE, and team management.

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ABOUT Dorthy Thielsen

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